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12- weeks Karma Removal Program

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If you've ever felt like life has been unfair to you, especially when you've tried your best to do the right thing, you're probably dealing with karma. With lots and lots of karmic tasks. It's not some bizarre spiritual punishment system that catches you when you're not looking. It is a beautiful system of balance that gives you the power to change your life. Life is the manifestation of old karmas from past lives. This soul-cleansing 12-week remedy package is designed for those who are committed to cleansing and transforming every area of their lives. This new program is a combination of the most powerful and effective tools for removing karma and changing destiny. Karma is simply all the past mental imprints you hold in your mind that limit your reality. Karma is repetition. Karma is your thoughts; the thought loops. Unless you become conscious, you cannot break away from doing the same thing day after day, year after year, lifetime after lifetime. During the 12 weeks, you will receive the materials and tasks by email every week. If I were to send the material all at once, I would put a very heavy burden on your shoulders and your task is not easy anyway, since it is your life. If you get stuck or have questions, I am available by email at any time. If you want a consultation by phone or via Zoom, this is also possible but it is not automatically included in the package. I will be here with you for 12 weeks and I will "hold" your hand. I will provide guidance to support your spiritual growth and empower you to create positive shifts in your present life. Embrace this opportunity to cleanse your soul, reconcile past actions, and cultivate a renewed sense of inner peace and harmony. Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of healing and transformation? I'd like to share this knowledge with you so that you too can discover the freedom that is available to you. ***** INSTALLMENT OPTION - Afterpay ***** ***** Money back guarantee *****

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