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The Self-Love course : 7+1 lesson to Emotional Freedom

  • 26Weeks
  • 1Step
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WHY SELF-LOVE? How much self-love do you have? Are you ready to uncover what drains your energy and feed your energy with your Intention and Choice? Self-love is inherent - we are born to love every part of ourselves! I created this course so that we can learn the language, skills and tools necessary to love yourself. Why is 26 weeks long? Let's be a little realistic :) No matter how old you are, you are here to solve task. If you have not succeeded in this in your life so far, can you have expectations now? The 6 months is a very intensive course. You can finish earlier but it's okay if you go slower. There is no right or wrong, no judgment, you can move at your own pace. Why Is Self Love Important? SELF LOVE affects all of our external relationships SELF LOVE determines what we will allow ourselves to attract, receive or create into our lives SELF LOVE determines the level of intimacy we can experience SELF LOVE affects how much compassion we are capable of feeling towards people, community and the environment SELF LOVE determines the level of inner peace we experience SELF LOVE determines how much pleasure we attract and allow ourselves (sexually, play, fun, joy, friendships, creative expression, sensually) SELF LOVE affects the extent to which we feel, separate, misunderstood, or lonely My 7-step process transforms you from lonely, disconnected, disillusioned and frustrated to passionate, joyful, inspired and fully alive. + In 1 step, I will give you tricks, mantras and tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life and thus live a more successful and happy life. Join me for a transformational journey to Self-Love. During this course you will free yourself from limiting beliefs through practices designed to support you in experiencing a profound sense of Self-Worth and authentic expression. ***** INSTALLMENT OPTION - Afterpay ***** ***** Money back guarantee *****

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