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My name is Erika. I would like to share everything I have learned if you accept me to help you on your journey and support you in the best way I can. We were born to be happy and I know that life has a magical and wonderful side waiting for you to discover and I can't wait to explore more with you. 

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My Story

I was born into a family where domestic violence was commonplace. The physical abuse was weekly. These stopped when I became an adult and my father died. Mental and verbal abuse was commonplace. These ceased with the death of my mother.

Few years later I met a lady who showed me the magical world of Tarot cards. Before that, I didn't believe in anything like that and spirituality was unknown to me. When I went to a Tarot reading for the first time, the fortune teller knew nothing about me, we had no mutual friends. The lady laid out the cards. He started saying such things about my family and my life that I couldn't speak, my tears were falling. The experience was shocking. In the next 1 year, everything happened as the lady said and the Tarot showed. That was in 2009.
Nothing happened until 2012, only interest in the Tarot card remained. A lot of bad things happened this year. The lady I went to for a tarot reading said I should start learning some kind of energy healing because my energy levels are very low and I need to learn to recharge myself. Reiki was the most sympathetic to me, but it wasn't until months later that I had my first course and I needed something almost immediately because I was in a catastrophic state. I found a 2 day prana healing course. I was the only one in the course whose first course was about this topic. I couldn't believe it all. When someone told me before that they were sending energy, I laughed at them. Nothing changed after the first day of the course, but I thought that if I had already paid for the course, I would complete it. On the second day, everything changed. The task was remote healing. Our partner was the only one who knew what treatment we received. The teacher said that this should be dealt with, because it is very rare for someone to be so good at first. When I got home, my son said he had a headache and felt dizzy. I asked him if I could try the treatment I had learned on him. He agreed. I did the aura clearing and the treatment. He said then that nothing had changed. I said I still have to practice then.

2 days later, my son admitted that after the treatment all the symptoms were gone.

In the following years, I attended many courses to develop and work on myself. I learned to love, self-love,  appreciate, respect and accept myself. I learned to forgive. I resolved belief systems and blocks. I learned to talk about what happened to me. I worked to bring my hidden abilities to the surface. I finally believed in myself. I learned to set my boundaries. I have learned to avoid situations that do not serve my growth and happiness.

Now I want to pass on my knowledge. I want to help people who have been walking in the same shoes as me for many years.

I want to help those who choose me to help them on their way, who honor me with their trust.

I look forward to working together

Erika Korozsi 

Certified Master Life Coach 

Certified Spiritual Master Life Coach

Certified Self-Love Master Life Coach

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Access Bars Practitioner

Certified Pranic Healer

Certified Crystal Energy Healer

Tarot Card Reader



I am happy to help you. 

Let's connect.

(346) 369-2284 Text please

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