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Pyramid of the Subconscious

In our subconscious is not only our own, personal subconscious, but also the collective unconscious, the accumulated knowledge of generations, folks, humanity.

People become aware of a very small proportion of the information they receive throughout their lives. Only the ego can accept consciousness. What is not conscious constitutes the subconscious program, the pattern, it functions as a command.

Subconscious information is very harmful because it cannot be controlled. Its spiritual level effects are much more severe than any physical level effects. Our most influential effects are the subconscious fixation of traumatic effects during our mother’s pregnancy or the words spoken during major surgeries.
The first programmers of our present life are our parents. We take the sample, cultivate in us the type of socialization that characterizes them, which later expands with the school and social environment.
When these built-in patterns are activated by a triggering event, the emotional urge attempts to realize it in action on a physical level. The Ego then tries to rationalize, since the mind is capable of everything to produce an acceptable reason.

The abundance of unrecognized pain, loss of guilt, anger, and grievance, worry, or anxiety weighs heavily on us that we cannot eliminate.

The most important thing is to become aware of the subconscious imprint of the traumas collected in a given life, because this is the area that can bring about a very big change in a person’s life.

An important tool for awareness is the subconscious pyramid of the Tarot.

The subconscious pyramid in the Tarot is a mapping of astrology.
























The subconscious pyramid tells you that:


  • What subconscious program is working on the issue


  • When it arose,


  • Who is it from

  • What levels and areas of life it affects


  • What it becomes and what it becomes


  • Where is the problem area


  • Self-realization


  • Personality development


  • Environmental control


  • Energies preparing to manifest

  • The way of creation


    The way of learning  

  • The way of suffering

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