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 Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot is a system that describes how our lives and our world work. It shows all areas of life and also how we can make them complete and harmonious. Home, family, children, relationships, money, work, career, travel, etc.

Unlike other imaging systems, Feng Shui, Schüssler salts, Astrology, Numerology, name analysis, Bach flower therapy, and Crystal healing can be integrated into this system.

You can get a complex picture of your current life, your past lives, the programs running in your subconscious, what the task of life is.

In this system, I lay out a pyramid shape with the cards. The card answers the questions at each level. 
With the help of the method, in addition to the actual question, we get an image of all areas of the interviewer's life from a cartomancy.
We can set up therapeutic proposals using Bach flower essences, Schüssler salts, various massage - acupuncture techniques. We can explore serious depths from our past lives regarding our impact on our present lives. We can recognize images, programs, belief systems, imprints, identities, inclusions (individual, family, or humanity as a whole) in the human unconscious that affect our lives.

The Symbolic Pyramid Tarot System uses the tarot to map a person's entire existence and existence in a given matter.
I’m not predicting, but on a particular issue that arises in a person, I’ll show you what might be the best line you can choose from a myriad of options. Where can he/she be most harmonious with himself/herself and the world. It shows the questioner's thoughts, emotions, the purpose of his / her higher self, or the related subconscious program, or the previous life that provided the cause in a given question or problem.

This type of Card Analysis is neither a game nor a prediction. It is a very serious and detailed science. If we ask a carefully thought-out question and we have further questions, we will get further answers from that one cartomancy. We do not shuffle new cards for 28 days!


Symbolic Pyramid Tarot System 5 levels:

 it shows the manifestation of the Divine Will / Higher Self. Spiritual level    

On the Thought (intellectual),


world, man provides insight Physical and in addition to the levels of manifestation of the


It helps us learn to make our own decisions by recognizing and considering circumstances and thereby shaping our own destiny.

It is spiritual because the spirit world, the spiritual world of man, and the Divine will are manifested in the cartomancy through the higher self (our spirit).
The Pyramid refers to the pyramid structure of the cartomancy mode.

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