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Pyramid of  the Present life

In this card sowing, you can find answers to the questions that arise in your present life and often make your life difficult. The Tarot card reader describes the procedures and methods for solving these.

The basic puzzle carries the divine energies. I’m talking about problems, obstacles that you often encounter along the way that make it difficult for you to move forward.
I also cover the health aspects, the treatment of time in the Tarot, the relationship between the elements and the Major Arcanum.
Through this, we will hear the message of the transcendent world and give you a chance to walk your path much more consciously.

Tarot reading process:

Before preparing the pyramid:

The customer determines the question and shuffles the cards.
The customer raises the shuffled cards in half and hands over the 2 parts to the Tarot reader.
The Tarot reader determines the Problem card and then places the base puzzle on the table to have the Pyramid.
If one of the cards 12, 13, 15, 22 is placed on the Divine level, these are the prohibition cards, the analysis cannot be done. The barring card prevents the questioner from getting an answer to that question.
With a prohibition card, you can rephrase the question and try retrying the card. You can try this 3x.

Then I calculate the Obstacle card.
After that, I start the analysis.

The analysis is valid for 28 days unless otherwise specified in advance. I can see 3, 6 or 9 months also.

What does the Pyramid of Present Life answer?

  • What happened in the past?

  • What is the situation of the Customer now?

  • What can the Customer do? What will be the result? What will be the future?

  • Desires, inner forces

  • How does the outside world react?

  • Home

  • Parents, children

  • What happens in a relationship?

  • Financial situation

  • Learning, hobby

  • Workplace,

  • Career,

  • Travel

  • Health issues, illness, surgery



















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